Holiday Health Jump Start

Do you always panic and feel stressed out during the holiday season? Are you so afraid of gaining back the weight that you've worked so hard to lose all year that you spend more time counting calories instead of creating memories? Do you budget in order to have "things" instead of investing in yourself and your health? This 4 week, one on one holistic health coaching program is made for you. Based off of my full 6 month program, this jump start sets the foundation for good habits and an appropriate mindset as the busiest time of year approaches. Put yourself first for an hour a week with our one on one sessions for less than your weekly coffee habit. Create framework that lets you live and enjoy this time of year as you really want to. Knock out stress, be vibrant and energized, get control of your eating habits and cravings. Make this your best holiday season yet! With a 4 week program and a very special introductory offer, it's so easy to finally invest in yourself. If you want to lay the foundation to living better, here is your chance! Enrollment is limited. This program begins the week of Oct 15 and IT WILL SELL OUT!