My Favorite Things

                      doTERRA Essential Oils

I absolutely love doTERRA! I started to use the oils years ago when my sweet cat got lymphoma. I knew from my health background that Frankincense in general is great support for cancer, so I wanted to explore a pure version for him.

doTERRA's oils are 100% pure. The plants they use are indigenously grown, farmed by people the company has partnered with that have lived on the land for generations and rigorously tested- more in depth than any other brand. I know that when I open a bottle of doTERRA that I am getting a completely pure, unadulterated oil. I use them daily with confidence. It feels really great to have a natural support and a natural solution at my fingertips.

With this global pandemic, it’s important for all of us to combat germs in any way we can. That includes the ever-illusive hand sanitizer! doTERRA’s On Guard Sanitizing Mist has been a staple for me since it came out- the last few months have been no exception. I already used On Guard oil blend to clean, so I was thrilled to have that power in a sanitizing mist. It kills germs without killing my hands or my lungs.

Want to learn more or grab your own On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist? 



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