Health isn't a luxury- it should be our biggest priority. Without it, nothing else matters. Creating positive, lasting lifestyle change doesn't need to feel impossible. I can show you how to live your very best life.

Make Health Happen

Want to be healthier? Want to feel better? Having a tough time creating positive, lasting lifestyle change? Welcome to Health Is Not A Luxury, your partner for a happier, healthier life.

Welcome to Health Is Not A Luxury

I'm Amy Helt and I created Health Is Not A Luxury to help people live their best life. Years ago in my quest to find lifestyle balance, I was inundated with a ton of information about health & wellness. That was great, except I always had a hard time working these new habits into my already extremely full life. This website and my programs are focused on just that...showing you ways to actually create lasting, positive lifestyle change. This is where the rubber meets the road. You will not only find information on whole health but I'll show you ways to easily implement the ideas to help you make health happen!


I Can Help You Make Health Happen!
Make Health Happen


The creme de la creme! A lifestyle changing 6 month one on one holistic health coaching program. Each bi weekly session is done virtually, so it's a great way to create the change that you want with the convenience that you need. The program is tailored to you and your specific goals. Health is not just about what we eat. This 6 month program goes way beyond just that, giving you the tools to create actual lasting lifestyle change.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise


Not ready to jump into one on one coaching? My 3 Month Group Experience is a series of webinars and tele seminars designed to help you create lifestyle change in a group setting. The biweekly, hour long calls and webinars cover the most popular health issues with time for questions and discussion. This is a great option to get your health & wellness ball rolling.

Corporate Kick Start

Exec & Company Wide Program

Happy, healthy teams are profitable. From 1 day Action Taking seminars to full 6 month customized Holistic Health programs, employees learn how to create lasting, positive lifestyle changes. If you've already invested in Wellness resources for your company, this is where everyone learns how to use what is offered to make health happen. If you need a Wellness program, this is your first step!

Ready to Take the First Step?

Great! There's nothing like a one on one chat, so tell me a little bit about you and I will contact you directly to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session!


Las Vegas, NV, USA


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About Amy Helt

Thank you for visiting my site! After about 17 years in the corporate world, I decided that I wanted to help people on a larger scale. My career in medical sales allowed me to earn a great living and help doctors and their patients, but I always felt like there should be more focus on prevention versus repair. I left the corporate world and became a full time Pilates instructor. I absolutely love the work of helping people heal. So much so that I'm also trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach. I had a coach from IIN years ago and her program made all the difference for me when it came to finding balance and actually creating the life that I wanted. I'm a firm believer that health goes way beyond just what we eat and I am beyond honored to now be that catalyst for my clients. My guiding principles are helping people live their best life and leaving my world better than I found it. My commitment to my clients is to hold space for them to explore, learn and grow without judgement or opinion. I am also active in my community supporting a variety of causes that are important to me. I believe that when we all work together we can achieve amazing things!

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